I’m Not a Photographer

I’m Not a Photographer

I can’t call myself a photographer; I’m just someone who loves to take photographs.

‘Photographer’ is a status applied too freely to almost anyone and everyone who has a camera and takes the occasion good photo, often by chance. To me, a photographer is someone who’s dedicated the time and energy into producing great photographs without the ‘chance’ element. It’s akin to someone who appears in an amateur production of ‘Calamity Jane’ calling themselves an ‘actor’. No, you’re not – you’re just someone who enjoys acting.

Okay, now that’s cleared up, on to the main focus of the blog.

I would like to think my photos could be used for greeting cards. It might not sound like a ‘reach for the stars’ dream for a lot of people but, in this age of constant online communication, I personally love sending and receiving greeting cards. Whether it’s for a birthday, a new job or just to say ‘hi’ to an old friend, a card is a great way of conveying a mood and a message. And, if you’re anything like me, simply seeing an envelope on the doormat that isn’t a bill is exciting in itself!

I keep all the cards I receive and the ones which aren’t themed cards (i.e. such as ‘Happy Birthday’ or such like) are often framed and put on the wall or stuck to the noticeboard for all to see.

So, yes, I think greeting cards are a great way to go. Add into the mix that they often feature my favourite things to photograph – cats, dogs, flowers and landscapes – and it’s a win-win! 😉


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