Critical Thinking

 Over the years I’ve taken a lot of ‘arty’ photos. Random photographs of unusual objects or certain textures, different light sources or playing around with the framing. What’s interesting now is to look over those same photographs with the critical eye of someone who’s considering baring their soul to the (often unkind) world of social media and saying ‘this is how I think a photo should be taken’. Photographs that I normally coo over and get all soppy about because they remind me of a great time or person suddenly become quickly overlooked when I’m looking for ‘that’ photo. The one that will stand out. The one that makes you feel like you’re there or shows an interesting concept. 

Sometimes I also look back and think ‘if only’. If only I’d had Nixolas Alfredo back then and not just my iPhone. If only I’d just moved the frame an inch to the right. (Speaking of which, am I the only person who seems to think if I crane my neck a little more I’ll be able to see around the corner of the photo?!) If only I’d tilted the angle just a little further up.  





These two photos are examples of the first ‘if only’. I took them whilst on holiday in Croatia in June 2013, which is a country just asking to be photographed. The first was one I snapped exceptionally quickly before boarding the boat that took us to the Island Kolocep where we were staying. I love boats so it was great to take some photos of everything from the glossy cruise ships to the old row boat to the novelty tourist-fuelled pirate ship.

The second was a lucky moment with the early morning sunlight on the day of our departure. It was about 6.30am and I loved the soft yellow parasols against the muted colours of the beach scene and those deep grooves in the sand from the dedicated hotel staff who carefully lined up the sun-loungers each day to keep the place looking, well, picturesque.



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