I’m not a big fan of post-production editing of photographs. Surely the skill lies in taking the photograph and not digitally tweaking it after it’s been shot? That’s not to say I don’t tweak some photos but then I know I’m not a skilled photographer – yet! In my personal life I’ll sometimes Instagram a photo before putting it on Facebook, or sharpen the colours, crop it, removed blemishes, etc. But all in all I would prefer my photographs to be authentic.

Having said that, I don’t have a problem with photos which are clearly photoshopped because that’s the artist’s own style. You know the type I mean, pop art, abstract stuff.

As I’m not the skilled photographer I’d like to one day be, I do sometimes take a photograph and think ‘I swear the colours were brighter in real life’. On those occasions I have sometimes adjusted the exposure and the like to make it a truer representation of the actual object or scene. But I hope I can soon learn enough about my camera for this to be unnecessary.

One photo that I took which I like the muted colours in is that shown below;



It was taken during a walk in Derbyshire in December 2013. I played about with my camera settings a lot during that weekend but, as I’ve mentioned before, my partner doesn’t have quite the same interest in photography so yet again this was a ‘snap-and-run-to-catch-up’ photo!


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