Capturing Chrysanthemums

Keeping hobbies simple: Buy a £2 bunch of flowers from Morrisons, stick them in a vase of water in a sunny place and get snapping!

This week I treated myself and our dining table to some white chrysanthemums to cheer up a rainy day. In between taking photos of my gorgeous new bunnies as they discover their new home, I took some floral shots. And photos of the bunnies will follow once they’ve become adjusted to their new environment and settled in. (They are adorable!)


The above photo was taken with the flash on which, incidentally, gives the effect the sun does in ‘real life’ but which doesn’t come across in photos!

And the same flower and pretty much the same angle still in the sunlight without the flash on. I’ve clearly got a lot to learn when it comes to adjusting the exposure on my camera. Just need to find where I put that darned instruction booklet…!

Posts coming up;

  • Croatian Cats
  • In the Dog House
  • When God Closes a Door…
  • The Coventry Challenge – Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places
  • Kitch Kenilworth

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