The Good, The Bad and The ‘Oh, Maybe I’ll Just Give Up’

Photography can be the most wonderful thing but it can also be exceptionally maddening. I’d been looking forward to visiting Shropshire for a weekend camping trip for a while and one of the things I was most looking forward to was having somewhere new and (hopefully) beautiful to photograph. Colemere delivered on both those fronts and our campsite was right next to the mere. We also visited Llangollen in Wales which is a lovely town and ripe for photography opportunities with it’s mix of water (the River Dee), fun Welsh signage, musical references (it’s host to the Eisteddfod festival), stream railway and horse-drawn canal boats.

So although I snapped away at every opportunity, I was so disappointed to arrive home, load the photos on to the computer and discover most of what I’d taken was a load of s**t. Forgive my language – I rarely swear – but I was, and still am, so disappointed. I took over 200 photos and whilst about half or so of these were ‘holiday snaps’ which weren’t intended to be great works of art, the other half were supposed to turn out far better. The horse-drawn boat ride, which I thought would be rife with photographic opportunities yielded me only one ‘pleasant’ shot – the remainder are out of focus, have flash bounce back or are just dull.


DSC_0079 (2)  DSC_0215 (2)


DSC_0102 (2)  DSC_0195 (2)


DSC_0120 (2)  DSC_0212 (2)


DSC_0072 (2)  DSC_0087 (2)


DSC_0040 (2)  DSC_0095 (2)  


My best photo of the weekend was snapped as we finished our walk around the mere of Colemere, and it was the first of several shots I took of the same feature (lily pads and branches reflected in water). The other angles I tried didn’t work as well as this initial image;




I cropped it a little this evening and changed it into black and white which I think is perhaps more effective. Here’s the finished piece and I must say it does please me;


DSC_0224 (2)


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