Weather Report – Sunny with Dark Clouds and a Shower of Dramatic Photography

DSC_0032 (2)


Believe it or not, I haven’t edited the about photo in post-production. The bright green of the grass and trees with the bright sandy shades of the longer grass in the middle ground was entirely natural. However, contrasting against the (again, unedited) heavy, dark clouds mean the colours look far more striking than they would against a light blue summer sky. 

These photos were taken during a Friday evening walk around a place called Ryton Pools in Coventry earlier this month. My aim was to capture some floral shots during the walk but I was blessed with the imposing bluey-grey clouds and the natural drama they add. 

DSC_0018 (2)


The sun wasn’t so strong by the time I took this photo (above) so the colours are naturally more muted. 

Then I got back to the serious business of photographing flowers up close. I think the final image is the best of these four as I love the angle on which the stem of the flower comes out from; it’s more interesting than a straight-up one. 


DSC_0017 (2)



DSC_0043 (2)



DSC_0023 (2)



DSC_0040 (2)


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