Seeking Approval

I’ve finally entered my first photography competition. I don’t expect any thing to come of it but I do want to involve myself more heavily in photography and the world of photographic art so it makes sense to share my photos for the approval of others.

The competition is run by The Photographic Angle, a group which supports professionals and amateurs with free exhibitions of their work throughout the UK. Bit of a big one to enter for my first competition but hey ho! As soon as I saw the word ‘monochrome’ I got excited and knew instantly of some shots to send. They want a minimum of 10 images but you only have to submit three in the first instance. I chose one landscape, one action and one close-up to send in to show a bit of variety.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

People tell me I have ‘an eye’ for photography, that I take ‘great’ photos but none of these people are objective – they are all friends and family members – so I have no idea if it’s true. I guess this will help answer that!

If you want to enter, visit The Photographic Angle here.


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