Projects Portfolio (January ’16)

I like to have several projects on the go at any one time. I’m the same with books – it’s rare I’m only reading one book during a period of time (unless it’s REALLY gripping, like ‘The Book of You‘ by Claire Kendal). I know lots of people who can’t work like that – they need to focus on one book at a time. I imagine, therefore, there are plenty of people who also focus on one craft project at a time, or one project per craft category (i.e. sewing, knitting, painting, etc.). I, on the other hand, like to have a few options so that, whatever my mood and budget, I have something to turn to.

Here’s my current Project Portfolio:


  1. Box pleat skirt (I’ve blogged about this here)
  2. A patchwork quilt using Kirsty Allsop’s fat quarters from Hobbycraft (which are beautiful colours and patterns but match nothing in my home!)
  3. A cushion cover out of an old blue and white striped jumper that I bought in the sale from New Look for £3! Bargain make! 1238823_10151574556062327_2062360271_n
  4. A cushion cover (seeing a theme here?!) from an old striped pink New Look cardigan that I don’t wear very often. 10310110_10154456020630052_963074151272050947_n
  5. A handmade gift for my Dad’s partner’s birthday but I can’t tell you what as she made read this!
  6. A little pink skirt for my 5-year-old step-niece who asked me to make it sparkly!


  1. Boddles pouffe in purple
  2. 50 inch square tweed stitch purple blanket. This is a long-term project as though it works up very quickly it uses a lot of yarn (at £4.50 a ball!) so I have to pace myself across pay cheques…!
  3. Navy child’s crossover cardigan
  4. Child’s toy polar bear (soon to start)

Clay Modelling

  1. Trinket dishes in various shapes
  2. Gift tags
  3. A little trinket box


Errr… Nothing at the moment!


  1. I plan on tackling Mary Berry’s recipe for vanilla and chocolate marble cake this weekend. 🙂

One thought on “Projects Portfolio (January ’16)

  1. Omg you have a lot of projects on the go!! I could so not do that, although I understand the wanting to find the right activity for whatever mood you’re in. I sometimes read 2 books at once but this is rare. You are so creative. I am throughly impressed! Xx

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