All Mixed Up

I’v had insomnia all week but last night it was particularly bad so I took sleeping tablets at about 3.30am and subsequently slept in until this afternoon! Whilst I obviously needed the sleep I was a bit disappointed to lose so much of my Sunday, especially as I’d planned to do lots of crafting.

I did manage to nip out for the supplies I need for the skirt I’m making for my step-niece (another £20 spent at Hobbycraft…) and I made the Vanilla and Chocolate Marble Cake from Mary Berry’s book. Except I didn’t have any vanilla so it’s just chocolate! Look how lovely Mary’s version looks…

Very sophisticated and symetrical.

And now mine…


I must say, it’s nothing special. It’s just basic cake and a chocolate icing that’s a bit bland (even though I followed the recipe to a tee in terms of the icing).  It’s edible and chocolatey but I don’t think I’ll be making it again.

My next cake from the book is going to be Lemon Drizzle Cake so that should be a bit more flavoursome!


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