New Supplies!

So, after a looooong day at work followed by two hours of voluntary work with children that I do each Tuesday, I’m happy to be home and cwtched up on the sofa. And look at the goodies I received in the post today! 

First up is Lorna Knight’s ‘Complete Dressmaking Skills’ book which I bought secondhand on Amazon. I saw a copy in the library and was taken with the layout and easy to learn instructions so I thought I should have it as my Sewing Bible. 


It appears to cover literally every question I could have from the real names for the tools of the trade (not my made up names!), basic stitching, pattern cutting, lining a jacket, etc. There’s even a troubleshooting guide! 


So, very excited to start reading this! 🙂

The next thing that arrived are these cute little buttons I got for 99p on Amazon. They’d probably cost £6-£7 in Hobbycraft! 

There are 20 of various designs and I think these will work well for children’s outfits and cushion covers. 

Finally, I received my personalised labels for sewing into my creations. Unfortunately, they printed them incorrectly by using my first name and my surname whereas I wanted them to be on my first and second names as I think Felicity Mariel sounds genteel, pretty and delicate; just like how I think of sewing. I’ve emailed the company and I imagine they’ll have no problem with re-printing them for me as I can prove I sent them the correct details. They aren’t high quality ones as I don’t want to splash out on such things whilst I’m only crafting for myself, family and friends but I like the idea of finishing off an item like this. 🙂 

Anyway, I’m going to settle down with Knight’s book and a cup of decaf tea and dream about all the lovely things I will make! 

Happy sewing! 


2 thoughts on “New Supplies!

  1. Nice supplies! That’s such a good idea to get labels printed to customise your makes even more. I’d love to see the finished ones when they get printed!


    1. Oh don’t worry – you will! I tend to blog about EVERYTHING! I actually have two types on order so I can compare. If I ever make this into a business I’d spend more and get quality ones but for now they are just printed station ribbon. 🙂


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