Sweet and Sour

I decided to bake on Saturday this week instead of Sunday so today I tried baking a Lemon Drizzle Cake from Mary Berry’s ‘Simple Bakes’.   

Can I just say how much I like Mary’s ‘all in one’ method for most cakes. You simply put all the ingredients in and mix. None of this lark about beating the butter and sugar first then adding an egg with a little flour, and then another one with a little more flour, etc. And absolutely no ‘folding’! I always hated that bit as a kid. 

Boyfriend doesn’t like lemon cake so this is a selfish bake because I do and I wanted to test it out. If it’s okay then I have many colleagues who will take it off my hands! 

The batter tasted amazing. I got a bit carried away with ‘softening’ the butter so it was more of a yellow puddle but I don’t think it’s affected it. I also substituted one tablespoon of milk for lemon juice just to ensure it was lemony enough. 

As with all of Mary’s cakes there’s a lot of sugar involved – 225g for the cake itself and a further 175g for the topping – so Slimming World appropriate this is not! Luckily I’m not following any fad diet as part of my New Year’s Resolutions. 🙂 


Fresh from the oven
It’s exceptionally spongey and soft

It has created a beautifully soft bake. So soft and spongey I accidentally broke it in two trying to transfer it to the cooling rack but it doesn’t matter as it’s only going to be sliced into squares anyway. 

The topping is simply lemon juice and sugar which is meant to soak into the cake leaving the sugar on top and the lemon juice infused into the cake itself. Yum!

Sugar and lemon juice topping added

On an unrelated topic – but very, very adorable – look what good company I have whilst I bake! 

Rodney providing the ‘ahhh’ factor

His sister also lives in the house with us but she’s less sociable. Rodney here loves to be in the same room as people, and his little bed in the corner of the kitchen is ideal when I’m cooking or cleaning.  

Looks good but how does it taste?…

Wow. This cake is gorgeous! That’s not down to me – all credit is to the author of the recipe. This is such a light, flavoursome bake, I love the result! 


Super fluffy and light
The crunch of the sugar topping contrasts beautifully with the lightness of the sponge

I am super impressed by how fluffy this cake is – it melts in the mouth. I could easily eat waaaaay too much of this!

This should rally the troops on Monday morning! 😄



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