Gooey Goodness

I have the Timehop app and it’s been telling me I need to up my game and cook for the boyfriend more often –

Well, not quite but it reminded me that a year ago I cooked a steak dinner with red wine for him and followed it up with delicious homemade dark chocolate puddings that are to die for. 

Before I received Mary Berry’s book, I scanned the internet for recipes and had a Good Housekeeping ‘Everyday Vegetarian’ recipe book. This book has been mostly neglected but I used their recipe for gooey chocolate puddings for Christmas Dinner 2014. I wanted something that looked and tasted amazing but didn’t require any decorating as, despite loving things like embroidery and crocheting, I can’t ice cakes for toffee. Or serve them neatly. (I always go for cakes that can have a rustic finish, like a Victoria sponge.) I serve these puddings in the ramekins rather then turn them out like they have in the book.


Because you use 70% dark chocolate for these, they are very rich. I doubled the amounts to make 6 puddings (I think my ramekins are bigger than the ones they recommend) for Christmas and when it was just the boyfriend and I used their amounts, which made three – one each and one to argue over! 😉

Serve with cream and strawberries for the ultimate treat. 


Warning: Loose fitting clothes recommended during consumption. 😜


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