Saturday Job

In my book, Saturday equals crafting day now and I’m excited to have the whole day available to do as I wish with. However, I do have some other jobs around the house I have to do on weekends so I can’t get down to sewing right away. I like to treat Karl to a nice breakfast on Saturday or Sunday and so I made Scotch pancakes this week using Mary Berry’s (who else?!) recipe. I just did plain ones rather than orange  but I was super impressed with how easy they were to make! I didn’t take any photos as they are an ‘eat-straight-away’ bake but they looked pretty close to what you’d buy in the shop. Lots of golden syrup and lemon juice later and we were really for the day!

Or, the housework at least. I seemed to decide it was the perfect time to clean the oven. Not sure why but there you go. Man, that’s one messy job.

Right, on to the good stuff. I focused on the skirt for my step-niece as I know to her it will seem like it’s taken several years already to make (or else she’s forgotten completely that I’m making it and will have an ill-timed growth-spurt before I can finish it). I contemplated learning how to ‘face’ (not sure I’m using the term correctly) a hem because it would look neater overall and would be another skill to tick off the list but, having decided time was of the essence, I just went for a bog-standard hem which does mean there are a couple of rolls in it. I put in a zip in the back (and made a slight boo-boo but nothing a carefully placed ribbon bow won’t hide) and then hand-stitched on the ribbon around the waistband.

The skirt is, essentially, complete in terms of structure so now it’s just a matter of tidying it up (some inner seams need attention) and putting the beading on. I also need to attach a fastening to the petticoat, which is separate from the skirt so it can be worn with or without. I finished the petticoat off with a little reminder of where it came from. 😉



Having done quite a bit of work on this skirt, I turned my attention to another project. I really should finish my box pleat skirt before I start making another but I really, really wanted to have a go at following a pattern so I started on the yoke skirt from Great British Sewing Bee’s book ‘Sew Your Own Wardrobe’.


This book is £25 brand new but a steal at only £5.95 on eBay (in ‘like new’ condition). It comes with five folded pattern sheets which hold the patterns for all the garments shown in the book. Some of them look fairly hard for a novice so I started with the yoke skirt because it only had 8 pieces. And I would get to practice my piping. You can get the pattern for free here if you’re happy to print it yourself and tape it together.

I decided upon plain grey fabric with white piping so that I didn’t get bogged down in pattern matching, like I have with the box pleat skirt. Plus, if I finish it then it’ll be smart enough for office wear.

I’m really bad at cutting straight lines – worse probably than many pre-school kids. So, pattern cutting for me is a little bit hit and miss, it would appear. I don’t have a lot of patience for ‘cutting out’; I want to sew! I did press the fabric before cutting, which was a bound ahead for me, but I became rather bored with the cutting process so it was a bit rushed. Using my living room floor is the only option for cutting out but beware of tiny house rabbit teeth that want to eat pattern paper!

Cutting out the pieces was as far as I got before I realised it was after 7pm and I needed to make tea (home-made lasagne followed by those gooey chocolate puddings I blogged about) so I awoke today anxious to get back to the sewing machine!



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