Sunday Hours

Up bright and early at 7.30am, cup of tea in hand and washing machine whirling away contently downstairs, I sat down to tackle the yoke skirt.

Straight off I knew I wanted to do French seams wherever possible because I’m a little in love with them right now. The pattern doesn’t call for them but I prefer the finish over a flatlocked seam (or, at least, over my flatlocked seams!).

I sewed the two front pieces together first, and then the back two pieces. Next, I made my own version of piping by folding a strip of white cotton in half and sewing a seam about 1-2cm from the folded edge. I then flatlocked the raw edge. Using thick yarn from my crochet blanket (it was all I had to hand), I threaded it through the tube of fabric using a darning needle. Ironed it all smooth and set to work attaching it using tacking stitches.

The humble zipper foot is a wonderful invention. I am quite in love with it. Makes piping so much easier!

Right when I was whistling away happily to myself thinking ‘I bet I could finish this today’ (a girl’s gotta dream, right?), I realised I’d sewn the yoke on all wrong and needed to un-pick it. Cue the boyfriend popping his head around the door to suggest a trip to the shops and me abandoning the sinking ship, so to speak.

A trip to Lidil later, I went back to it and faced the reality of needing to unpick a lot. I learnt a valuable lesson – French seams don’t work in all situations! 

Here’s the front section pre-ironing:

Karl said it looks ‘churchy’ by which I think he means ‘convent’ because I looked at it and thought ‘Hmmm, nun colours’ so it’s now the Nun Skirt! 😂 I’ll try to prettify it before I wear it! 


I started on the zip. It’s meant to be an invisible one in the pattern but I didn’t have any grey ones so I thought ‘I’ll make it a statement zip’… We’ll see how it turns out. 

Finished there for the day and baked brownies! I also made more gingerbread cake as Karl adores it. 


Finally I did my totally pointless homework for sewing class because even though it’s pointless I like to be a good student! 

Back to the slog of the working week now…  


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