Sewing Class #2

I had to steel myself for last night’s class after the disappointment of the previous week. I begrudgingly dragged myself there, thinking of all the things I could use the time for instead, and started laying out my equipment and fabrics on the table. I was one of the first to arrive so I took the opportunity to put Plan Dressmaking Class Not Basic Sewing Class into action. I unpackaged the skirt I’m working on for my step-niece and the Nun skirt. My plan was to work on my own projects in between set things in class so that a) I’d be less bored and b) the tutor would see that I was capable of more than cutting out heart shapes from A4 paper. 
I’d sewn the zip into the Nun skirt wrong and I’d been thinking about it on my drive home from work (those traffic-packed 13 miles do have their uses) and knew what I needed to do to push forward. However, inevitably, it started with my trusty unpicking tool… Whilst she was explaining what seam allowance she wanted on the pin cushions, I merrily unpicked the zip then placed it to one side, whizzed the pin cushion up on the machine, and then went back to the zip. I’d unpicked it all by the time she came back to check out the pin cushions. Once she’d inspected those, she asked what I was working on. I explained it was the first time I’d used a pattern to make anything and my first go at piping. I also said I’d seen the zip in wrong because I’d not allowed for the extra fabric to conceal the zip – I’d sewn it too close to the edges of the seam. 

I put an invisible zip in a cushion cover before Christmas using a Debbie Shore video online but I couldn’t think where to start. Cue the opportunity to show the tutor I’m eager to learn and am teaching myself techniques at home. She showed me some like tricks and hey presto! One zip in, one student pleased and one tutor asking her to ‘bring it in next week and we’ll continue working on it.’ And I got to show off my (successful) French seams! 😉

I also did a bit of beading on the other skirt and got to have a nerdy gossip with the other girls about gorgeous fabrics and which shops locally to try out. 

We learnt about different necklines and the measurements for them, then we cut out patterns for them to keep for reference. I had one horrible moment when I saw she’d written ‘AB=3’ on the board whereby I thought ‘Is this finally the moment when I have to use the understanding I learnt at 10 years old of algebra?!’. 😬 But no. It was just her way of writing down measurements. 

So, feeling more positive about this class now and want to ensure the Nun skirt has progressed a fair bit by next Monday. 


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