The Nun Skirt

Sunday morning…

So my mission this weekend is to finish both the ‘Nun’ (yoke) skirt and the circle one (for my step-niece). I spent yesterday focusing on the nun skirt and now all that remains to do is to hem it. 

However… I wanted the skirt to be higher-waisted than it is meant to be but didn’t realise how much length that means I’ve lost from the hem. It now sits just about the knee in its un-hemmed state but I’d rather it be on the knee when hemmed. 

Pre Hem

So, my plan today is to create a constrasting colour hem for it, which shouldn’t be too tricky. Either I can do it in white so it matches the piping or go a little more daring with a print or bright fabric. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes along the way with this project but it’s been very educational and taught me a lot. In particular, I’ve learnt about the sequence in which a skirt can be assembled; my usual thing would be to sew all the seams and hem everything before looking at putting in zips or decoration, which I now realise isn’t the best way. Now I’ve made the skirt in an inexpensive cotton fabric, I’d like to make it again in a pretty floral pattern.   

Trying my hand at tiny invisable hand stitched on the yoke lining

Later on Sunday…

It became apparent the additional hem was not going to be as quick to do as I’d hoped… It’s taken me most of today to finish and I’m not happy with how it’s hanging but it is finished! First item of clothing I’ve ever made and finished. It can only get better!! 


As you can see, there are tons of errors and it creases incredibly quicky (this has been ironed, believe it or not) but I can now put it to bed having learnt a lot, and move on to my heap of other projects. 


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