Pretty Purchases!

First off, beautiful buttons! These sweet, colourful little buttons were only 99p on Amazon (they ship from China) and I’m a little in love with them!


I’ve got a project in mind for some of them but I can’t say what as it will be a birthday present.

I needed some cheap, patterned cotton for my sewing class as we need to make samples. My lovely, pretty fabrics are saved for actual projects. So I bought some red, white and blue striped fabric on Fabric Guild, as well as some purple checks. However, whilst there I found some awesome black and white geometric print fabric, some penguin patterned material and some with little deers on them!


I completed the purchase with some cute floral bias binding, a pack of assorted wooden buttons (only 80p) and some sew-on ‘jewels’ as they were only 25p and will come in use for kids costumes.

I love the Fabric Guild’s philosophy as well – they are only open part-time so you place an order and it will be processed on the next working day – their working day! So if you order on a Monday, your order won’t be cut and packaged until Thursday. I love this idea because I get a bit fed up of 24/7 shops which put profit before life.

My next purchase is a little more extravagant but it’s become quite necessary. My sewing room (aka the guest room) is very small and narrow – it fits a day bed and a small bookcase in there. I’ve been sitting on the daybed and pulling the bookcase forward to be able to sew at the machine but it’s not the most ergonomic position! So, after a bit of Googling, I found a laptop desk from IKEA that’s only 36cm in depth! Perfecto.

Photo credit: IKEA

It arrives on Monday so in time for me to have two full days of sewing during my annual leave! 🙂

Also, I haven’t shown you my other labels yet, have I?


It’s a bit out of focus, but you get the idea. Grey background with purple writing and a little Welsh dragon motif – all things I love! They are embroidered so they are better quality than the ‘handmade by Felicity Mariel’ ones. I think of the CLC ones as being good for non-clothing items, whereas I’ll use the other ones for clothes.

Yep, I need to stop spending! Lets just not mention the £18 I spent on three metres of fabric last week at Dunelm… :s



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