How much furniture can you fit into a room just over five foot wide and ten foot long? Well, it all depends whether or not you shop at IKEA!

In my tiny sewing room we have a daybed-cum-sofa with drawers underneath. It can be a single or a double. We also have a shelving unit which is easy to move out if you want to extend the bed. And we have my brand new sewing desk!

It’s slimline because it’s intended as a laptop desk, so it’s only 36cm wide. This is perfect for my room. I also have a cheap £5 folding chair as well, which can be stored out of the way if guests come to stay.


Ignore the horrible green curtains – they will be replaced eventually!

The fact that it’s a glass top is actually pretty convenient as it feels like it takes up even less space and I can see where all my pins and bits and bobs are on the shelf below.

We always think with this house that we’re finished with buying stuff for it and then along comes a new interest or we see something cool and we’re delving back into our pockets! Luckily, IKEA’s pretty cheap. It does make me think though that if I do start upholstery next year, where on earth am I going to put my finished projects?! We might have to move house!




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