Baking Update

I’ve been less present on here over the past week and a half as I went to Dublin for a couple of nights and then did a few other bits and pieces on my days off. 

I went to see my Grandma on Tuesday (she’s currently in hospital so please send her lots of good, get well soon thoughts!) at her house and I’d promised to take her some cake. She didn’t have any preference as to which as long as it wasn’t banana cake as she wasn’t too keen on it. Ironically, that’s one of my favourites! 

I settled on carrot cake eventually, and I decided to make a banoffee pie for me and Karl as he wont eat carrot cake. 

I should have known it wasn’t going to go well when I couldn’t get any mascarpone at the supermarket…

I followed Mary Betry’s recipes to a tee, which includes putting a banana in the carrot cake but none in the banoffee pie! (Although you can use ‘decorative slices of banana’ on the top according to her!) 

The result was the carrot cake tasted more like banana bread than carrots – the one thing my Grandma said she didn’t like the taste of! I couldn’t get any mascarpone in my corner shop either (it was a long shot) so even if it had turned out okay I wouldn’t have been able to ice it. 

The banoffee pie? Well, that was a disaster. A) The biscuit base spread incredibly thin and didn’t stretch to up the sides of the tin. B) The filling never set (I don’t think I cooked it long enough to let it thicken) and C) the cream just sat in blobs about it. D) The tin also started to leak even though it states to use a loose bottomed tin, so I imagine that was due to points a and b. Lastly E) it was waaaaaaaay too sweet!!! Karl and I have sweet tooths but even we couldn’t handle it! Most of it’s ended up in the bin. I didn’t even bother to photograph the finished product as it was just embarrassing. 

The carrot cake aka banana cake is edible and spongey but I still haven’t iced it (four days after baking it!). Might just leave it plain and put it with custard. 

Not wanting to disappoint my Grandma by turning up empty handed, I grabbed the ginger cake I’d frozen a couple of weeks back and presented that to her instead! 

I feel I need to make something I know will turn out okay now to get some confidence back so tomorrow I’ll make another lemon drizzle cake. 

Oh, and since I learnt to make scotch pancakes I haven’t stopped! I didn’t make them on Shrove Tuesday ironically but I did get up early on my day off to make some for Karl before he went to work. 🙂 


A sea of condensed milk – Failed banoffee pie

Carrot cake rising nicely


Still spongey on day 4… And still smelling of bananas!
You can see evidence of carrots inside, and walnuts


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