Knit Dress to Sweater Upcycle

I bought a gorgeous jersey knit dress in a plummy-maroon colour from Oasis a few years back. I think it was about £12 down from £35 in the sale. It was super comfy and so flattering. It has a chunky zip in the back as well. I wore it a lot and received a lot of compliments for it. 

Unfortunately, the skirt stretched after a wash this one time and this led to the back of the skirt being longer than the front. It started to look a bit tired. Because I love it so much and am a hoarder, I didn’t throw it away – I put it in an airtight bag with no knowledge of what I’d ever do with it. 

Last night I couldn’t sleep because it was thinking through a load of clothes alterations I want to do. First on the list was turning the dress into a sweater! 

It was super simple – I just snipped it 7 inches below the waistline and flat locked all the way around. That’s it. 

I love the outcome!

And it’s one less item of clothing going to landfill. 🙂 


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