Crafting as Therapy

I’ve had a rough few weeks in terms of my anxiety disorder and I’ve found sewing and crocheting immensely helpful in helping me to de-stress and distract myself. Things like reading and watching TV aren’t very good for this because I can’t concentrate for long periods of time and my mind wanders off. I also get restless and tremble so having something physical to do but still involves sitting down (as my energy levels are so low) is great. Crocheting is especially good for this because of the repetitive nature of it; if I choose uncomplicated patterns and stitches I can find it very soothing. It’s good for insomnia.

Sewing takes a bit more energy and thought so it’s good if I’m feeling really restless and want to escape from over-thinking. It can be maddening when things go wrong but being able to find the solution makes one feel more in control and competent. Having to unpick seams when you’ve made a mistake is frustrating but it is also a time to force yourself into taking your time, breathing and mulling over ideas. 

When I’m feeling a little bit chaotic and I know I won’t be able to tackle a new project, I have been refashioning old garments. Just adding a bit of trim or putting a few pleats in can change an item quickly and give you that sense of accomplishment without needing to take long or too much brain power. 



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