Finished and ‘Shipped’

I’ve finally finished the circle skirt for my step-niece – on the same day she welcomed a baby brother into the world a month early! It can now be known as ‘The Big Sister Skirt’. 🙂

I met with my Dad last night for dinner as he was visiting my Grandma nearby and so I spent Saturday afternoon hurriedly trying to finish the beading and several annoying things. I was able to give it to him in a gift bag with layers of pink and white tissue paper to take back to it’s recipient.

Here are some photos of the finished garment:


I just hope it still fits!! 

I’ve learnt a lot since I started this project in January so it was a little frustrating yesterday to know I was sending it off at a lower standard than I currently am. However, a 5-year-old won’t notice, I’m sure!



5 thoughts on “Finished and ‘Shipped’

  1. this is so nice! I wish i knew how to make great things like this. i love all your pictures. It made me think of this Ann Taylor skirt with botanical print that’s 4 sizes too big for me that i wish I could revamp. Your niece is a lucky girl, I bet she won’t want to take it off!


    1. Thank you. 😃 It was simple to make in that it’s just a large circle of fabric with a 21cm diameter circle cut out of it and then a strip of fabric sewn on to provide a waistband. The ribbon was hand stitched on as were the beads so that’s why it took me so long to finish. The hem was tricky as it’s obviously not a straight line, and the zip caused some challenges! The net skirt was super easy.

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      1. thanks for all the details. i’d love to start small and with something super easy – maybe make some bellbottom pants with leggings and a lacy skirt….or a skater skirt. Ohh thanks for the ideas love ❤


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