Mini Upcycle: Dress to Skirt

Whilst I’ve been waiting for new fabric to arrive to create the Kate dress from this month’s Love Sewing, I tackled another reinvention. 

I bought this dress from H&M in 2011 and wore it only a handful of times as it was rather short and not very flattering. It’s been packed away in an air-tight bag for a long time because it wasn’t used enough to warrant simply tossing it away. 


I like both parts of this dress but I started with the skirt as I’m still not 100% decided what to do to the top. 

I bought some lovely bias binding from the Fabric Guild, which I knew would make lovely trim. I used it to accentuate the hem and the two side pockets. I love having pockets on clothes, particularly slouchy ones you can fit you whole hand in! 

The waistband was elasticated but as I knew I wanted the skirt to be longer I ripped that out so the top of the skirt now sits on my hips. I didn’t have to insert any fastenings because although the fabric doesn’t have any stretch in it, my hips are my widest part so I can put this on over my head. All I did was sew two diagonal seams on the waistband at the old seam line so the waistband became narrower but still fitted the original seams. 



And that was it! I now have a wearable, slouchy skirt for summer. 🙂


It needs a good iron though! 


5 thoughts on “Mini Upcycle: Dress to Skirt

  1. this post is so inspiring to me! i just sorted all my clothes in my cloest and have a box marked “things i wish that fit me” which are items I’ve kept because i love the fabric or the theory, but they don’t fit me. Golly I wish I knew how to sew! I think I’d feel like a new woman ^.^


    1. Thank you; it’s nice to hear something I write as a novice seamstress can be inspiring! I find it’s really useful to look through other people’s blogs, even ones which I have no hope of catching up to in terms of skill! It’s just great to see so many people loving sewing and being creative. I would suggest starting small with one of your clothing items – this skirt was really easy because the structure was already there so I only embellished it!

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