All Rise

Another good ol’ insomnia-induced post here, folks! I am this close (*holds thumb and forefinger an inch apart*) from finishing the Kate jersey dress and being able to show it to you all but I’ve been dragging my heels a bit with it – probably because I’ve decided I don’t like the fabric – so no preview today. I did blind hem it yesterday (my first ever blind hem) so that was a nice opportunity to learn a new technique.

I made more cake… Yes, the Death by Chocolate one didn’t last long and I’d promised my partner’s mum I’d take her some but didn’t so I am building bridges with cake! 😉 I wanted to me make a Vicki Sponge as well because I love the mix of sponge, cream and jam (and I always add fresh strawberries) – it’s a classic. I also prefer cake which isn’t chocolatey, which may surprise those who know how much I love chocolate in the normal way! I think if I’m going to have all those calories I’d rather have a solid bar of Dairy Milk than a cake covered in chocolate. It’s a bit like when people call KitKats ‘chocolate bars’ – No they’re not; they’re biscuits. They just happen to be covered in chocolate, but not enough to warrant the title of ‘chocolate bar’. (As you can see, it’s an issue I feel strongly about!) 😉

So, I made the Death by Chocolate Cake again but I left out the fiddly chocolate ‘waves’ this time and just whacked some white chocolate chips on there instead. The cakes rose more evenly this time so it’s not as much as a Leaning Tower of Pisa as the other one was. I also couldn’t find any plain chocolate in the local shop so I used 70% dark chocolate (150g) and 35% milk chocolate (150g) as a compromise – seems to work okay.

The Vicky is a simple ‘125 grams of everything’ (e.g. butter, sugar and flour, NOT baking power!) sponge but I probably should have made more mixture so the top cake wasn’t quite so thin… Anyhow, whipped double cream and Thursday Cottage raspberry jam in the middle. Normally I’d chop strawberries into the filling but because Karl doesn’t eat fruit and I’m not sure if the strawberries will keep very well if not eaten at once, I’ll just add them when I serve. With a strong cup of English breakfast tea as well, of course.

Yum! Good job the Kate dress is stretchy! 😉



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