I just wanted to share with you this cool journal I bought second hand from World of Books (via Amazon) because it’s awesome!

It’s called The Book of Me and it’s filled with questions about your background, the present and your future. I’ve always loved things like this since I was a kid and because this is a thick book with quite a few questions to mull over, it should take me a while to complete. 🙂


It’s American and clearly aimed at an older market than myself but it’s still far superior to a lot of similar products I’ve seen out there. 

Apologies for the smudges in the photos – my iPhone lens doesn’t seem to want to be clean! 

The paper is thick and copes with a fountain pen without bleeding everywhere. And there are lots of ‘free text’ pages towards the back if you want to elaborate on something. 

I like writing but I can tend to get a bit bogged down in the hopeless stuff when I freely write in a journal so something like this, that asks about the good as well as the bad, is advisable for me.


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