Simple Sew Pattern: Kate Jersey Dress

Okay, so it’s as finished as it’s going to get. I might well faff with the excess material at the back but I might just wait until I make it again (as I’m bound to because the pattern is very me).

Apologies now for the quality of the photos – trying to get them in focus when you’re both photographer and model is a bit tricky! And I’m feeling rather ugly at the moment so I’ve chopped my head off in all of them.

What I like: 

  • The neckline 🙂
  • The sleeves – I added the turn ups and buttons
  • The gathered bust (although it was a pain to do!)
  • The overall style

What I don’t like:

  • Excessive amount of fabric in the back, despite this being a size 10 pattern
  • The hem – it’s a bit scruffy
  • My stomach – but that’s not the pattern’s fault! 😉
  • I’d make the ties longer if (when) I  make this again as they are a bit on the mean side
  • The fabric – it turned out to be ‘glossier’ than I thought it would be but that’s just the perils of online fabric shopping! Live and learn! 😉

List of ‘firsts’ I achieved whilst working on this dress:

  • First blind hem
  • First dress
  • First time using stretchy fabric (it was a lot easier when I remembered I needed to put a stretch fabric needle on the machine!)
  • First gathered bust/yoke combo
  • First time I’ve ‘faced’ a neckline (or anything, for that matter!) and it went well!

Anyhoo… Finally finished it on the day that this month’s Love Sewing Magazine arrived at my door!



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