Simple Sew Pattern: Kate Jersey Dress – Take 2

After the issues I discovered whilst making my first Kate dress, I wanted to make it again to improve the outcome. I knew if I left it too long then I’d not bother as I don’t really enjoy making the same thing twice when I have so many exciting patterns in my stash to try out! So I started this dress on Thursday afternoon and finished it on Friday evening. I probably could have done it in a day if I hadn’t procrastinated so much.

Am I the only person who finds cutting out boring?! I have to have the TV on whilst I spread the fabric across the living room floor as otherwise I want to tear my hair out. This time I watched Bear Grylls take the rather lovely Zac Efron on a crazy adventure, which helped soothe my pains! 🙂

I really hated sewing with this fabric as it was so super stretchy! All in all, it wasn’t a fun make but I was determined to finish it. The good thing is that it’s very forgiving. It was really tricky to take any decent photos so the ones below are the best of a rubbish bunch.

I was so angry with myself for accidentally cutting the fabric around the neckline whilst I was cutting some threads as it’s in a really prominent place. I’ve placed some interfacing behind it and darned it so the slit won’t get any bigger but now the neckline looks a mess and I need to come up with a solution… As the V neck ended up deeper than it did on my first attempt (see photo below), I’m tempted to make some sort of collar similar to these dresses from ASOS and Light In The Box:

Otherwise it’s definitely a ‘wear with a vest top underneath’ jobby.

I made the ties about 4 or 5 inches longer so they are improved since the first Kate dress. I also made this one short sleeved as the fabric is so light it really is a summer dress first and foremost. I added some zigzag stitches in bright pink around the sleeve hem just for a bit of fun and will likely do the same to the neckline once I’ve decided on a collar.


I cut the pattern for the back of the dress about 3 or 4 inches narrower so that fixed the problem from the first Kate dress whereby there was an excessive amount of fabric at the back.

I blind stitched the hem again and I think this is becoming my favourite method of hemming, despite how fiddly it is.

Anyway, will make those neckline adjustments later and then it’s time to move on to a new pattern and a new challenge.



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