Early May Bank Holiday Project

I am finally in a position to use some light cotton fabric I bought a few months back so I’ve decided this will be my project for the three day weekend.

Here’s the fabric;


Isn’t it cute?! I think it’s what one would call ‘ditsy’. I originally bought it for making a child’s dress but once I got the idea of a Peter Pan collared blouse in my head (for myself to wear) I couldn’t get it out! It’s quite translucent but I wear vest tops with everything so it’s not a problem.

Originally I wanted a pattern similar to this New Look pattern (view E but without gathered sleeves) but I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere. I put a post on the P.E.G Facebook page just in case anyone had an unused one lying around…

I contemplated the Colette Violet blouse (below). It’s a bit looser in the fit than I envisioned but was fairly close. I discounted it because of the cost, seeing as it wasn’t identical to what I wanted.

However, whilst browsing P.E.G I discovered one for sale for ยฃ4. Needless to say it was in my possession within a couple of days!

As luck would then have it, a P.E.G member spotted my ‘wanted’ post and says she has the New Look pattern! Just waiting to hear back from her to see if I can buy it. However, I’m happy to press ahead with the Violet blouse because just look how cuteย the pattern and instructions are!

What a lovely way to package a pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

I may start with the cutting out before the weekend so as to squeeze in as much actual seeing as possible. The fabric is already laundered and ready to go.

Watch this space! ๐Ÿ˜Š


It actually happened. Today.

Wearing my chiffon butterfly print top into work today, my manager commented ‘That’s a pretty top. Where’s it from?’

This was the moment I’d been waiting for! 

Spinning around, unable to contain my excitement, I sang ‘Thank you. I made it myself!


Winging It

I’ve been somewhat AWOL the last couple of weeks because of work and exhaustion but I’m now pleased to be able to share my latest make with you!

I bought this beautiful chiffon fabric with different coloured butterflies on it from The Textile Centre via eBay. It was reduced due to a minor flaw (so minor I can’t see it!) to just ยฃ1.99 a metre. Needless to say I bought about 6 metres in all! (I’ve been consulting my fashion designer sister about what fabric I might need to use underneath it to make a pretty, light summer dress. As soon as I’ve [started and] finished it, I’ll let you know!)

I love chiffon tops for wearing to work as I can put vest tops underneath (I pretty much always wear vest tops these days) and cardigans over the top. So I knew that I’d want to make a few myself as well as lots of jersey knit pieces.

I started off following this New Look 6868 pattern (you might recognise it from when I blogged about finding the P.E.G Facebook page), using a mixture of versions A (blue top with sleeves) and C (yellow sleeveless top).

I knew the belt idea for the first top would not suit me but I also didn’t want a billowing top so C on it’s own was also out. In the end I took the sleeves from A, the pattern from C and the back gathering from my brain! Here’s the end result:


I don’t think I look too good in sleeveless tops so the sleeves were a must-have if I was going to make something I’d actually wear.


Karl took the photos below for me so I could show what the back looks like. The pattern required the pleats at the top but I decided there was too much fabric and I looks massive so I pulled the fabric in and stitched two straight lines of stitches to hold it all in place. This part is what stopped this from being finished a week ago as I agonised over the best way to do it, pinning and re-pinning time and again!



I cut a size 12 because those measurements seemed right for my shoulders and bust but it did leave a lot of fabric flapping about in the back, hence my adjustment.

The band around the neck caused me a bit of grief and ended up a bit twisted but I actually quite liked the overall effect it caused. I also spent a long time on getting the hem right. Because the chiffon frays so easily, I used French seams throughout, lots of rows of stay-stitches and double hemmed the sleeves as well as the hem. As such, it took a lot of time but it was worth it as now it should be fairly robust.

I am delighted with the outcome and put it on the minute it was finished to wear to the shops!


Rolling Along

I decided on a challenge tonight… My first attempt at a chocolate Swiss roll. 

I’ve wanted to make one for a while but I’m always put off by the idea that it’ll all go to pot when it comes to the ‘roll’ part. However, nothing ventured…

(I made a fail safe Victoria sponge as well, just in case!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

The recipe required separating eggs – another thing I’ve never needed to do – which was rather messy, and I also inadvertently added more chocolate than the recipe ‘suggested‘!

As ever, I didn’t have the right sized tin but only by an inch or so, so I thought it’d be okay. Actually, that inch does really matter it seems because my Swiss came out a little bit thick. Oops. 

I really should read recipes all the way through before starting as I totally didn’t clock the need to leave the cake to stand for ‘several hours or overnight’. I’m an impatient baker so two hours (time to make the Victoria and make and eat dinner) was the most I’d concede! 

The result…

Mary Berry said ‘the cracks add to the charm’ so the massive crevices mine has must make it the James Bond of the Swiss roll world! 

My kitchen was covered in icing sugar dust and there seemed to be whipped cream everywhere! Not tried a slice yet as I finished making it rather late but the sampling I did along the way seemed pleasing. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Oh, and the Vic;