Rolling Along

I decided on a challenge tonight… My first attempt at a chocolate Swiss roll. 

I’ve wanted to make one for a while but I’m always put off by the idea that it’ll all go to pot when it comes to the ‘roll’ part. However, nothing ventured…

(I made a fail safe Victoria sponge as well, just in case!) 😉

The recipe required separating eggs – another thing I’ve never needed to do – which was rather messy, and I also inadvertently added more chocolate than the recipe ‘suggested‘!

As ever, I didn’t have the right sized tin but only by an inch or so, so I thought it’d be okay. Actually, that inch does really matter it seems because my Swiss came out a little bit thick. Oops. 

I really should read recipes all the way through before starting as I totally didn’t clock the need to leave the cake to stand for ‘several hours or overnight’. I’m an impatient baker so two hours (time to make the Victoria and make and eat dinner) was the most I’d concede! 

The result…

Mary Berry said ‘the cracks add to the charm’ so the massive crevices mine has must make it the James Bond of the Swiss roll world! 

My kitchen was covered in icing sugar dust and there seemed to be whipped cream everywhere! Not tried a slice yet as I finished making it rather late but the sampling I did along the way seemed pleasing. 🙂 

Oh, and the Vic;



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