Winging It

I’ve been somewhat AWOL the last couple of weeks because of work and exhaustion but I’m now pleased to be able to share my latest make with you!

I bought this beautiful chiffon fabric with different coloured butterflies on it from The Textile Centre via eBay. It was reduced due to a minor flaw (so minor I can’t see it!) to just £1.99 a metre. Needless to say I bought about 6 metres in all! (I’ve been consulting my fashion designer sister about what fabric I might need to use underneath it to make a pretty, light summer dress. As soon as I’ve [started and] finished it, I’ll let you know!)

I love chiffon tops for wearing to work as I can put vest tops underneath (I pretty much always wear vest tops these days) and cardigans over the top. So I knew that I’d want to make a few myself as well as lots of jersey knit pieces.

I started off following this New Look 6868 pattern (you might recognise it from when I blogged about finding the P.E.G Facebook page), using a mixture of versions A (blue top with sleeves) and C (yellow sleeveless top).

I knew the belt idea for the first top would not suit me but I also didn’t want a billowing top so C on it’s own was also out. In the end I took the sleeves from A, the pattern from C and the back gathering from my brain! Here’s the end result:


I don’t think I look too good in sleeveless tops so the sleeves were a must-have if I was going to make something I’d actually wear.


Karl took the photos below for me so I could show what the back looks like. The pattern required the pleats at the top but I decided there was too much fabric and I looks massive so I pulled the fabric in and stitched two straight lines of stitches to hold it all in place. This part is what stopped this from being finished a week ago as I agonised over the best way to do it, pinning and re-pinning time and again!



I cut a size 12 because those measurements seemed right for my shoulders and bust but it did leave a lot of fabric flapping about in the back, hence my adjustment.

The band around the neck caused me a bit of grief and ended up a bit twisted but I actually quite liked the overall effect it caused. I also spent a long time on getting the hem right. Because the chiffon frays so easily, I used French seams throughout, lots of rows of stay-stitches and double hemmed the sleeves as well as the hem. As such, it took a lot of time but it was worth it as now it should be fairly robust.

I am delighted with the outcome and put it on the minute it was finished to wear to the shops!



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