Early May Bank Holiday Project

I am finally in a position to use some light cotton fabric I bought a few months back so I’ve decided this will be my project for the three day weekend.

Here’s the fabric;


Isn’t it cute?! I think it’s what one would call ‘ditsy’. I originally bought it for making a child’s dress but once I got the idea of a Peter Pan collared blouse in my head (for myself to wear) I couldn’t get it out! It’s quite translucent but I wear vest tops with everything so it’s not a problem.

Originally I wanted a pattern similar to this New Look pattern (view E but without gathered sleeves) but I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere. I put a post on the P.E.G Facebook page just in case anyone had an unused one lying around…

I contemplated the Colette Violet blouse (below). It’s a bit looser in the fit than I envisioned but was fairly close. I discounted it because of the cost, seeing as it wasn’t identical to what I wanted.

However, whilst browsing P.E.G I discovered one for sale for £4. Needless to say it was in my possession within a couple of days!

As luck would then have it, a P.E.G member spotted my ‘wanted’ post and says she has the New Look pattern! Just waiting to hear back from her to see if I can buy it. However, I’m happy to press ahead with the Violet blouse because just look how cute the pattern and instructions are!

What a lovely way to package a pattern! 🙂

I may start with the cutting out before the weekend so as to squeeze in as much actual seeing as possible. The fabric is already laundered and ready to go.

Watch this space! 😊


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