May Day

(Written on the early May Bank Holiday but forgot to post until now!)

After all my talk of sewing a complete blouse this weekend, I have achieved exactly zero percent of it! One reason was lack of time as I had lots of other things to distract me, and the second was I wanted to finish the collar on my second Kate dress before it was assigned to the ‘still waiting to finish’ pile forever. I think I’ve ruined it spectacularly now so it’s still not finished as it needs the collar completely unpicking and refashioning. And we all know how much fun unpicking stitches from jersey is…not!

I spent Saturday in the usual way – shopping, cleaning, etc. – and then yesterday we went to the Bluebell Walk in the morning, which I’ve blogged photos from here. The afternoon fled by in a mix of running (we bought a treadmill last weekend) and trying to sew that blasted collar on. Today has also sped by at an alarming pace so I’ve not sat down to the sewing machine at all today. I have, however, been busy in the kitchen.

On today’s menu I had blueberry muffins (into which I accidentally added almond essence instead of vanilla), double chocolate chip muffins, and a childhood favourite – Nanaimo bars!

I first made these delicious bite-size treats in my teens when my little sister and I would follow recipes from a baking book containing only chocolate delights. I naively thought it was a unique recipe designed especially for that book but I know now that they are enjoyed by many people the world over and in various forms. Because we were poor, making nanaimo bars was a real treat and I considered them to be an ‘expensive’ baking project. I think this was largely due to the fact that few of our recipes turned out edible (like the eggless cake that came out of the oven no higher than it went in) and therefore the cost of all that dark chocolate was dear.


I realised too late that the tin I was using was too big for the amount of mixture so they were exceptionally thin bars! More like a Diam bar thickness than a caramel shortbread! Still tasted good and is the perfect excuse to make them again! 😉

The muffins didn’t turn out too great… I really struggle to make good ones. Anyone have a foolproof recipe they want to share?!

I used Mary Berry’s recipe for the blueberry ones and then a Good Food recipe for the chocolate chip.

In other news, I got waaaaaay too excited about using the label maker to organise my baking supplies!

And here’s a peek into how messy I am whilst baking… 

It takes almost as long to clean up as it does to bake! 


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