What Have I Been Missing?!

In exchange for the New Look 6732 pattern for my strawberry blouse, the kind sender asked if I could post her a copy of June 2016’s Burda Style magazine as she lives overseas and can’t buy it herself. I hadn’t heard of it before but tracked it down online from newstand.co.uk (incidentally I found out the company will send issues abroad as well so will be passing this note on!) and it arrived 24 hours later.img_6936

Wow! What have I been missing?! I love the patterns it contains and it’s much more ‘grown up’ than Love Sewing magazine which, although I like, contains patterns for non-clothing projects that don’t interest me.

I love the maxi on the cover… But then again, I love maxi dresses full stop! Closest I’ll ever get to being Elizabeth Bennett…! 😉 (Though, in all honesty, I’m more like Jane Eyre if I had to pick a heroine I connect with – but that’s besides the point.)

My kind pattern benefactor had told me I should read it and trace out any patterns I want before sending it on so I’ve selected a few to copy;

I’m going to need to buy more tracing paper!

Of course, I already have tons of patterns to be getting on with but I can’t pass up an opportunity like this. I’m tempted to cancel my Love Sewing subscription and subscribe to Burda Style instead. It’s a bit more pricey but I’ll get more use out of it if June’s issue is anything to go by.

It also contains a pattern for a men’s shirt which I might make for Karl, and some cute girls’ clothes which are just begging to be made for one of my nieces.


The fabrics used are lovely but I imagine they are also expensive!

Speaking of fabrics, I ‘won’ some Cloud 9 fabric on eBay last month which I might make shorts or a skirt from as it’s fairly stiff.


And I may have just bought a metre of this discounted fabric… Oops! Not sure what I’ll use it for but because it’s a very small pattern I’ll probably pair it with a plain fabric as well so it’s not too overwhelming.

Anyway, back to the machine I go. I start a new job on Monday so I doubt I’ll get much time to sew next week. Ideally I’d like to finish the strawberry blouse this weekend but it will be the first time I put in button holes on a machine so I won’t be rushing it!



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