Quiche Me, Quiche Me, Quiche Me Baby

I am rather too excited. I’ve just made my first quiche and it tastes nice!

Although I may bake quite often, I’m rubbish at cooking. When Ant at work (I’m Dec – it’s a long story) recovered from her horror that I use pasta sauce from a jar and not homemade from scratch, she started to give me cooking tips. I’ve not tried her foolproof way to honey-roasted carrots yet but I lept straight on the quiche idea because I adore it but get every so downhearted about the boring ones for veggies in the shops. 

She must have seen my look of intense doubt because she hurriedly reassured me I ‘could buy the pastry’ if I wanted to. Phew! I once made pastry from scratch for a veggie Christmas main dish and it was, shall we say, rather thick and heavy. My mum and one of my sisters used to make a nice wholemeal pastry for quiches so maybe I’ll work up to that…

It’s not the neatest make ever but it tastes good! I love pastry. *contented sigh*

Now I’ve tested it out on myself, I can make Karl a ham and cheese one and then let my imagination go wild for the next one! 😀 


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