Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Cuppa Chameleon 

I’m into twisting song lyrics into titles and food-related odes at the moment. I don’t know why.

Anyway… Yesterday I made cupcakes! Not made them before but thought I’d give them a go, mainly so I could try out my new icing syringe! I actually find most cupcakes too sickly because of the icing to cake ratio so it’s not a ‘go-to’ recipe for me.

I’ve ordered a book with 100 Mary Berry ‘cakes and bakes’ in it because my Simple Cakes book is a bit limited now unless I want to make deserts containing fruit (I don’t) or a pecan pie (I do but I don’t tend to have pecans just lying around at home).

Although the book’s currently on order from Amazon, I was still able to use its cupcake recipe as it’s one of the preview pages available to view online.

Thanks to recently acquiring a posh muffin tin (I say posh because it was £6 down from £12 and it comes with a 5-year warranty) I could actually make cupcakes that resembled the correct shape rather than flat bun-type ones. They turned out light and fluffy. 🙂 

Twelve cupcakes, some pink food colouring and about 20 minutes later…

Some questionable icing, I hear you cry. You’d be right – there’s a reason I like making traybakes and ‘rustic’ cakes! Still, it was quite fun.

The icing was a bit too thick to easily pipe so I added a couple of teaspoons of milk.

This icing nozzle pattern (above) just kept reminding me of Iced Gems! 

My feeble attemp at an iced heart!

And a rather scary face with a scarecrow’s nose!

Luckily this icing wasn’t sickly at all and there’s a good cake-to-icing ratio. I would have gotten more inventive and used more colours but it was about 10pm on a Sunday night so I didn’t have the energy! 

(I also made brownies but we all know what they look like so no pictures this time!) 😉


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