British Summer Time-Out

Oh my goodness! Somehow over a month has passed since my last post… I knew it had been a while but didn’t think it was that long! On the whole, July has sped by and I honestly don’t know where it’s gone. I’ve not been too well over the last week  (I lost my voice completely for a few days and still sound ‘croaky’) so I haven’t been as creative as normal. I’ve also had a couple of people visiting on weekends over the past month so that has meant I’ve had less time available.

Another thing that’s prevented me from crafting as much as usual is a little something called adult life. You know, work, finances, life decisions… That stuff. :s

Baking-wise, I’ve made a few cakes but I haven’t tried any new recipes. I made a lemon drizzle, chocolate brownie and a banana loaf for a family gathering, which, I’m pleased to say, all went down very well. They were amongst the first cakes to go. 😀 Probably helped that they were still warm from the oven when we arrived at the venue!

I also made a Victoria Sponge with real strawberries for a social club for visually impaired people. A few faces around the table lit up as they tasted the light sponge, fresh cream and raspberry jam!

I made a batch of gingerbread cake the other week for me and Karl (it freezes well so I stuck half in the freezer for another time). I gave a piece to my colleague, which she said ‘transported her back to Jamaica’! 🙂

Oh yes, and I’ve made about a million-zillion batches of Scotch pancakes for weekend mornings…!

Crochet-wise, I’ve been meaning to go to Dunelm for weeks to get more yarn for my purple chunky blanket (blogged about here). Because I work in the community now I’ve regularly been past several of their shops but somehow still not actually made it in! Must rectify this soon before I forget how to crochet a tweed stitch!

I was disappointed to see Hobbycraft is no longer selling Boodles yarn as I enjoyed the pouffe I started to make with this unusual fabric yarn, which is made up of cut-offs from T-shirt manufacturing. It’s basically jersey fabric so it’s quite interesting to work with because of the stretch. I trawled online and found some great alternatives like Zpagetti from but the shipping charges are hefty. (And yes, it is spelt ‘Hoooked’ – that’s not a typo!)

So I hunted a bit more and found the T-Shirt Yarn Shop (does what it says on the tin), which stocks Tek-Tek, Bobbiny, Hoooked, and Jolly Good, and offers free shipping on orders over £25. Add to that the fact that they are based on Exeter Road in Exmouth, Devon (a stone’s throw from where I grew up) and I felt compelled to support them in their endeavour! I’ve put in an order for two ‘balls’ of chunky navy Tek-Tek and one patterned one which I hope to use to make a pouffe. It’s tricky to know how much I’ll need and, because of the nature of the yarn being recycled rather than produced on demand, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to get the same colours again so it may be another patterned one is required!

My original pouffe could do with being pulled back and added to because it’s a bit small so I might get a grey or cream yarn to add stripes or something. Hmmmm… decisions, decisions. (Photos below are of the early stages of the project – I actually completed the pouffe but haven’t stuffed it yet.)


I also love this blanket that Emily has made and fancy making one myself. 🙂

Sewing-wise, I’m on a self-imposed ban on buying any more fabric or patterns for at least two months. I certainly have a big enough stash to be getting on with so I need to get around to using up some of that!

I’ve still not finished either the maxi skirt or the pink tank dress I’ve been working on for what seems like forever! :s

What I have done is start yet another project…! I’m currently making my first pair of shorts using a pattern from Burda Style July 2016. They are Bermuda-style with big pockets and I’m making them in a navy Cloud Nine fabric I bought on eBay. I’ve made many, many silly mistakes on this project but I’m still pretty chuffed with how it’s looking so far. I hope to be able to share the result with you soon!

The first photo was taken when I was trying to make the waist the right size so it was in ‘skirt-mode’ at that time. The second photo shows the lining I’m using for the pockets and also for the inside as the navy cotton can be a little transparent in places. Pattern matching on this garment is harder than it first appears!

Right… I best get back to the machine and make the most of my day off! 🙂