Oops… Only three days into the month and I failed on my mission to refrain from buying patterns… 😐 Damn Love Sewing magazine for their special offers!

Those of us who subscribe to the magazine had the chance to buy Simple Sew patterns for half price and, seeing as I already had my eye on this coat, I couldn’t pass that opportunity up.

I could have bought many more but I restricted myself to just one. I would like to make this trench coat in navy, in a light fabric, but I also want to make a wool one or a waterproof version ready for winter. I’m tempted to add a proper belt with a buckle and nice big buttons. 🙂 

Oh, and I also saw this on sale in Tesco so…

In my defence, it was £4.99 in Tesco compared to £6.50 online so really I was saving money! There are some nice dress and coat patterns inside and some cute kids clothes too. Nothing for the gents though. 🙄

Now I really must be strong for the rest of the month!! 


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