The Longest Shorts in the Universe (to make!)

After over a month of to-ing and fro-ing (or should that be sewing and unpicking?!), I have finally finished the shorts I mentioned in my July post! So many times I almost gave up because I could not, for love nor money, get the crotch to sit right but patience really is a virtue.

I’ll jump straight on into the photos…

First of all, I followed the pattern for Burda July 2016’s Bermuda shorts because I liked the long pockets, the leg length and the turn-ups.


I also loved the little ‘pocket’ flap on the butt! 🙂

Having never attempted trousers or shorts before, I probably chose a tricky first pattern but hey ho! I had about two metres of navy cotton from Cloud 9, which has an interesting horizontal design. Part way through I realised I’d need to line them fully so I used a red cotton sateen I bought a while back from Dunelm, which I’d fallen out of love with. There’s something about the pairing of navy and red though that just works.


The fabric isn’t the easiest to photograph for detail but hopefully you can see how the pockets run nearly the length of the leg and tuck over the top of the waistband to create the belt loops. I decided not to make the waist tie because I knew I wouldn’t wear it but I still wanted the belt loops because they’re cute.

img_7411  img_7397







I realised too late I’d cut the shorter leg pattern option than I’d meant to (I find Burda patterns ever so confusing!) so rather than being knee length they threatened to turn into hot pants on me! And nobody wants to see that! I contemplated making the turn-ups separately and sewing them on but the fabric would have had to have been running with the pattern going vertically rather than horizontally (as that’s the only way I had enough fabric), which works for the waistband but I wasn’t convinced it would for the turn-ups. So I opted for a very narrow hem and some bias binding (home made) on the inside to prevent unfinished edges.


Now, we have to talk about that pocket flap… Isn’t it cute?! It is formed fairly early on in the pattern and I just love it – simple as it is!


I bought a bunch of different buttons on eBay and spent far too long trying to decide which ones ‘worked’. I opted for simple ones in the end because these are the only two on the garment and I thought decorative ones might look silly. Cue a photo of my derrière…


I was quite pleased with this bit of pattern matching! Sadly, it didn’t all work out so successfully but it worked for all the pockets and the back seam so that’s a start.

In the photo above you can see a cheeky flash of red lining in the pockets and below are more photos of the lining… Because it nearly killed me so it’s getting it’s five minutes pictures in the spotlight!!

And, of course, the finishing touch was the Creative Little Cwtch label. 🙂 (Except it wasn’t what I finished on – that would be the damn crotch again!)

Okay, drum roll, the ‘in situ’ photos…


Okay – done! 🙂

List of ‘firsts’ for this project:

  • First pair of shorts/trousers
  • First fully lined garment (the pink tank dress doesn’t count as it isn’t finished)
  • First planned pattern hack
  • First time I’ve constructed a fly
  • First pockets I’ve put in a garment

Things I would have liked to have gone better:

  • The fit. They ended up a little bit snug due in part to the lining and in part to my fluctuating weight! (Doesn’t help that I like to bake as well as sew…)
  • The zip is gold, the hook and bar is silver and the buttons are bronze… Hmmm! Need to plan a bit better in future. Luckily, the buttons are the only visible one of the three when the shorts are being worn.
  • Pattern matching at the side seams (tried but realised too late I’d misjudged it)
  • The waistband gapes a little at the back. I have wide thighs and hips but a narrow waist so my adjustments helped with the fit but weren’t perfect.
  • The pockets are not equal distance from the front centre seam and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it’s not noticeable in the main.

I think my next project will be an easy one to get me back into the sewing jive as this garment did test my resolve. I have two issues of Love Sewing Magazine to read still and the rest of Burda July 2016 to look through, not to mention a few other patterns knocking about in my sewing room… Watch this space. 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Longest Shorts in the Universe (to make!)

  1. Very nice. I’m teaching myself to sew via YouTube, lol. I’ve tried patterns, never finish be because I have such a hard time. You’ve motivated me to try again


    1. Thank you. I know -it’s sometimes so frustrating! Have you tried Simple Sew patterns? That’s where I started back in January as they are simple and clear. Good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, that’s nice! Yep, I was pretty daunted before and during the process but now I’ve finished I’m excited to do more! 🙂


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