Bean There, Hooked That

At last I’ve completed something resembling a pouffe!


I started this project many moons ago when I had insomnia one night. It started with two ‘balls’ of Boodles yarn from Hobbycraft and it worked up quite quickly. Making the circular base was rather therapeutic.

I bought another ball of yarn but sadly, because the yarn is made up of offcuts, the shade of purple was different to the original two I’d used. It bothered me so the project was resigned to the bottom drawer.

Original, much smaller, unfinished pouffe

Craving a crochet project I could complete quicker than my everlasting tweed blanket, I pulled it back out the other day and decided to integrate some Tek-Tek yarn I’d bought from The T-Shirt Yarn Shop. It’s a patterned yarn with purple hints so I thought it would work well.


The finished product is 14 inches in diameter and 12 inches (approximately) high. I whipped up a quick drawstring bag from an old purple sheet, which sits inside and is filled with bean bag beans. Oh what fun it was trying to get those in! Cue a two-person job, a saucepan, escapee beans and under door draughts…!

Although it’s not what I originally had in mind, I’m pleased it’s a functional pouffe after all. I realised too late that the difference in thickness from the Boodles to the Tek-Tek has made the pouffe a little narrower towards the top but because it’s filled with dynamic beans, rather than foam or a cushion pad, the shape changes upon each use so it’s not noticeable in the main.

Overall, it was not a cheap project; Boodles balls were £6.50 each and I used three, and I used about 1/3 of the Tek-Tek yarn (approx. £3) plus the filling (£4.99 for the beans but have about half a bag left for ‘topping up’) so around the £27 mark. However, it’s unique, it’s functional, it’s not ugly (but I’m still undecided whether it’s pretty), and it was enjoyable to make. 🙂


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