Happy CROCHETversary!  

This month marks a year since I first started crocheting. Needless to say, I haven’t completed half as many projects as I intended to buy then I am splitting my time between learning to bake and sew as well so I’ve done less crochet than I originally thought I would be.

My favourite yarn to create with has got to be t-shirt yarn. I love the stretch and it feels nice to work with, unlike some wools. It’s also pretty economical. I like chunky results best so my hook of preference is a 10mm or 12mm.

I’m terrible at following patterns so I start well and then just make it up as I go along… At least they are unique! 😉 I haven’t tried to make an item of clothing though so I can get away with it if the size isn’t quite the same as the pattern intended.

Right now I’m sat in the garden working on a present for someone in a navy t-shirt yarn. It’s working up really quickly because of the size of the hook and thickness of the yarn so it’s quite a gratifying project. It won’t be gifted until Christmas so I won’t be able to share it online any time soon but I’ll be sure to take a couple of photos to post in 2017. Christmas gift making in September – what has the world come to?! 😉

I’m debating what hobby/skill to learn next year… Any ideas? My list so far:

  • 2016 – Baking and dressmaking and tennis
  • 2015 – Crochet
  • 2014 – Driving
  • 2013 – Swimming

(Pre 2013 I was at uni and learning midwifery skills with little time for anything else hence why I’m only going back as far as 2013.)

Obviously I’m still learning all the time with all of the above – it’s not as though they are all mastered! (Even driving, though I have passed my test. There’s always more to learn.) The year marks when I started learning.

I was intending to do upholstery/furniture restoration but it’s an expensive hobby so it might have to wait.

2017 is the year I go on my first ski holiday so maybe I can put skiing down as a skill to learn next year?

Learning Spanish is ongoing as is photography. Maybe Karl should teach me car maintainence?! 😂

I’ll be completing a Masters over the next couple of years so there’ll be lots to learn there but I’d like to add another ‘soft skill’ to my list! Let me know your thoughts! 🙂


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