And It Was All Yellow


In the normal way I don’t ‘do’ yellow (or orange) because I’m so, so fair (aka vampire pale) it just washes me out further. However… (there’s always a ‘but’, or, er, a ‘however’) I wanted to work with some chiffon again once I finished the cotton shorts yet I didn’t want to cut into my stash of destined-to-be-maxi-dresses-someday bundles, so this cream, grey and yellow fabric was my only option. I chose the Betty blouse by Rosee Woodland I recently purchased second hand because I liked the simplicity of it (though I imagine anything would seem simple compared to those shorts!)

I think I fell in love with the pink fabric rather than the pattern though! Oops!

I actually started this project pretty much as soon as I finished the last one but I kept putting off finishing it. Namely because my pintucks weren’t that even so I contemplated ditching it altogether. But I decided to power on and finally finished it this morning. It’s not great. The neckline bias binding isn’t even and stands up weirdly on the left shoulder. The seams under the arms are a little bunched up and I’m not convinced the sleeves are the same length… Still, I walk, sit and stand lopsided most of the time so hopefully no one will notice! 😛

My attempt at ‘demure’…
I do apologise for this Stan Laurel expression…!

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