Spot On

What’s this? Two makes in as many days?! Someone’s clearly trying to make up for wasting the first half of their annual leave…

I was excited about this make before I started it and I still am! This is a miracle. Usually I screw up somewhere along the line and end up disappointed with the outcome.

This Chelsea blouse from Sew Simple (pattern free with Love Sewing magazine) was not one I was immediately drawn to being as how the original has shirred sleeves. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but only kids and about 0.03% of the adult female population can get away with shirred sleeves – the rest of us look like we’re trying to be Bohemien but, in reality, look like we simultaneously shrank our top and inflated our arms. And another thing; who wants sleeves that ride up?

Anyway, I loved the collar in this pattern and saw some other sewists take on it with plain sleeves so I dove on in. I had purchased a navy crepe de chine fabric with white polka dots a while ago on eBay with a garment like this in mind. I’ve not used crepe before so I was surprised to find how substantial it is! At one point I was trying to cut through four layers of the stuff and I might as well have been using a spoon for all the success I was having! However, I like the weight of it – especially now autumn has begun – and it’s dense so I don’t have to wear a vest top underneath.

I made a size 10 and gathered the sleeves at the shoulder slightly so they would stand up a little. I didn’t want a Dynasty-esque shoulder but I wanted a little bit of shape! I didn’t use any interfacing as the fabric was thick enough to be stable on its own. I didn’t realise quite how short it would be so my hem is very narrow at the bottom to retain as much length as possible. When I make this again (notice the when not if word) I’ll make a longer version. I top stiches around the keyhole on the back as it wasn’t sitting quite right.

When I modelled it for Karl (I tend to always run into the room with a big ‘TA-DAAAAAAAAA!’, which he tolerates very well) he said “It’s very you.” My theory is he must love it because it’s very me and he loves me! 😉


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