We’ll Meet Again, Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When But I Know We’ll Meet Again Some Sunny Day

Hello! I thought I best write a quick post to explain why I’m so quiet on here at present. It’s likely to be a long-term thing because I’ve officially started studying for a Masters in Public Health degree via distance learning and so the time I used to fill with handicraft projects is now filled with journal reading, essay writing and general academic ponderings. I’m studying the ‘accelerated’ route, which means studying six modules in a year rather than three, and thus completing the course in two years rather than three.

Distance learning is, naturally, different from learning in a classroom and it’s main benefit is the ability to fit in studying to your routine rather than the other way around. However, each ‘lesson’ takes longer to complete than it would in a classroom setting because there’s a lot more requirement for written interaction and critical reading. So what might take an hour of class time seems to take two to three hours of self-directed learning. In classrooms, you can debate a topic by saying ‘I read a paper about this before and it said blah, blah, blah’. However, when you have the Internet in front of you, access to thousands of books and journals online and no limit on the length of the class, you’re expected to find said paper and cite it directly! Very frustrating when you can’t remember where you read something…!

Ideally, I need to average 3-4 hours of study time a day, including weekends. What’s happened so far is I manage 3-4 hours on 3 days during the week, 2 hours the other 2 days and then have to make up time on weekends!

I really want to keep learning and experimenting with various crafts so I have still got a well-stocked sewing-room-cum-study-area but projects will be much slower to complete. Crochet is easier to do in small, short sittings than sewing so you might see an increase in the amount I do of that craft.

I’m still reading blogs by fellow sewists, hookers (the crocheting type, not the ones you’re thinking of, you dirty-minded so-and-so!) and bakers and feeling inspired so I’ll be checking in on other people’s blogs periodically.

Anyway, back to the (electronic) books! Bye for now. 🙂