Ice Knowing You

Do not adjust your screens – it really is I. Back for a quick photography update! (Naturally, I’m actually meant to be studying right now…!)

We spent a lovely 4 nights and 5 days in Iceland last week and I took the opportunity to play around with both a macro and fish eye lens (which was a £10 bargain on Amazon), as well as the standard lens on my Nixon DS3200. I also bought a tripod but couldn’t fit it into my tiny suitcase so it stayed home.

Photographing the Hlemmur (Exterior)

The Hlemmur church in Reykjavik’s centre is iconic in appearance but as I was on my own (Karl had stayed in the hotel rather than brave the freezing cold, pre-dawn streets with me – how odd!) I decided to try to find less ‘tourist’-type angles. These are the images that worked. I did try an idea with a potted plant and having the Hlemmur almost an after-thought in the background but it didn’t turn out as I planned.

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Iceland has some beautiful architecture from the glass-centric Harpa building (not photographed) to the bog-standard-sheet-metal-clad family home complete with colourful roof. Obviously the Hlemmur is a testament to unusual architecture (above).

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Clearly it would be scandalous to visit Iceland and not at least try to capture its natural beauty.

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Mother and Baby

I saw this statue in Reykjavik and was struck by how much she appeared to change from each angle. I also love the TV ariel in the background, which, to me at least, looked like a symbolic Christian cross besides a figurative Mary and Jesus. I’m not religious so it’s a loose interpretation but I enjoyed photographing it.

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Hopefully I’ll get to go back to Iceland again before too long and capture more of it. 🙂


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