On Yer Bike!

I finished my quick sweatshirt make with mixed results. Using a pattern from Burda Style magazine as guidance (but it was from their plus size section so too big for me if sewn accurately), I chopped some grey fabric with multiple black bikes all over it into two parts and measured out strips for the cuffs and collar band. 

I wanted a very loose fit in the body but tighter on the arms. I fancied a wide neck as I was going for the ‘Oh-just-shrug-it-on-after-exercising’ look (even though I don’t exercise that much!) so a slant to the side to expose a shoulder wouldn’t be a bad thing. 🙂

It’s no work of art but it was okay to make and I was impatient to finish it!

I’ve blocked my face as I’m a bit under the weather so my skin does not look good.

It’s quite cosy and the sleeves worked out well. The back comes down lower than the front which is perfect for if I’ve worn leggings to exercise as it covers one’s bottom!

The fabric was stretchier than I’d thought so it wasn’t as easy to work with as I’d hoped but I got there in the end. I did lots of stitching  around the cuffs, hem and neckline to give it a proper sweatshirt finish.

I guess it’ll do.

I don’t feel I can spend too much time on detailed projects at the moment because I always feel a guilt for not spending the time studying so quick projects are what I’m doing right now. However, I have got some lovely fabric (below) to start on my dress for a close friend’s wedding next summer so I might make a start on Christmas Day so it can progress as slowly as it needs to in order to be perfect.

In other news, I made this basket the other evening using some of that fabulous Tek-Tek t-shirt yarn I mentioned before;

I seem to make a lot of circular crocheted things! It might be a Christmas present but for whom I know not. This only took a couple of hours to whip up quite leisurely during an evening whilst watching TV. It’s not easy to see in this photo but the gray has speckles of turquoise in it so it co-ordinates with the main yarn colour really well.

That’s all for now, folks!


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