The Seamstress Tag – My Response

Okay, it feels a bit weird to use the term ‘seamstress’ in some kind of reference to myself as I’m only an amateur sewer but this is the title of the mini ‘about me’ quiz Hollie at Hollie Sews devised.

img_6237Who are you?

I’m Felicity, I’ve newly turned 29 and I live in the Midlands with my partner and adorable house bunnies, Millie and Rodney. I only started dressmaking in January 2016 so it’s been a whirlwind year in terms of learning with many highs and lows along the way!

Favourite/Proudest make?


I’m proudest of the strawberry blouse I made using a New Look 6732 (option E) pattern because I didn’t cut any corners with it, I used French seams throughout and it’s a piece of accurate sewing. Ironically though, I don’t wear it. The item I wear most and am pretty proud of is the Chelsea blouse from Love Sewing magazine.

Disastrous make?

Have you got all day?! Perhaps oddly, I don’t count my unfinished makes such as the Pink Tank dress or the self-drafted maxi skirt as failures as I’ve taken time away from them so as not to screw them up further and thus eventually get them finished the right way. So my most disastrous make was probably the first skirt I did (nicknamed the ‘Nun Skirt’ due to my poor choice of colour combo) or the second Kate dress because it was going so well and then I gouged a big hole in the neckline so it’s never been worn!

Favourite place for fabric shopping?

I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder so I rarely venture into fabric shops except big ones like John Lewis. Shopping in small businesses stresses me out, especially when the staff try to help by asking what you’re after. I always end up buying something I don’t want so I can leave. So I buy most stuff online. I like The Textile Centre, whom I discovered through eBay, as they have a wide range for amazing prices. I just bought 6 metres of navy fabric with grey flowers on for a dress for a friend’s wedding for only £17!

Most used pattern?

I don’t like to make things twice because I get bored of doing the same thing but I have made two Kate dresses, neither of which have ever made it outside the house! I probably will make another one at some point when I have a nice fabric as I really like the style.

Most dreaded sewing task?

Cutting out! It is soooooo tedious! Seriously, if I could buy patterns ready cut to my size then I would. I like the construction part of sewing, not the prep. I have to do it on my living room floor as it’s the largest space I have so I always have something interesting on TV to watch. And I do it in the evening so there’s no promise of being able to sew that day in an attempt to encourage myself not to rush it!

img_6719Favourite sewing task?img_6897

Ooo, I love putting in darts! Not sure why! And I quite enjoy putting sleeves on. There is also something rather wonderful about the thrill of putting a zip in correctly first time round!

Favourite sewing entertainment?

Usually film scores on repeat or musicals, but I did go through a Woman’s Hour (Radio 4) and The Archers phase! Tea is a must and chocolate doesn’t hurt either.

Printed or PDF patterns?

img_7021Never used a PDF pattern as I think it would make me crazy so I can only speak for printed. Burda Style magazine has beautiful designs but the tracing is a nightmare as it’s all crammed on to a couple of sheets of pattern paper so you find yourself feeling dizzy trying to follow the correct lines! Simple Sew ones are nice as they are, as the name suggests, simple.

What sewing machine do you use?

I inherited my fashion designer sister’s old machine, which had lain dormant for many years, so it’s a Husqvarna Viking 425. It’s ace but difficult to find parts for from more mainstream shops.


Any other hobbies?

Crochet is something my blog readers know I enjoy, and photography. I also enjoy baking, creative writing, horse-riding, reading, studying and volunteering with children and/or animals. I adore theatre and singing. I love eating out, visiting National Trust places and spending any kind of time with my partner, who is my rock.


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