The Latter Six Months of 2016

Mid-year I shared a blog post with you all about the dressmaking progress (mostly!) I’d made since starting out in January. As it’s now the all but final day of December, I thought I’d document the last six months. 

The Bermuda Shorts

Remember these bad boys? Ironically, considering how long I worked on them, I completely forgot about them until I saw them in my clothes drawer the other day! I think it’s because I didn’t have chance to wear them before summer ended or my legs tanned (the latter never happened). So they were resigned to the drawer in preparedness for Summer 2017.

Still pretty proud of these. 🙂

The Pintuck Betty Blouse

After the taxing nature of the shorts, I opted for a quick basic t-shirt in yellow floral chiffon. The pintucks down the front started out well but the distance between the rows did lengthen as I grew impatient. Would really have loved to have had a pintuck foot on my machine for this one!

The pattern was so simple due to being only two pieces but the neckband was fiddly to put on as chiffon slides about so darn much!

This is one of those ‘okay’ tops that has been, and will be, worn but it’s not one I’m particularly pleased with. It’s more of a slouching-around-the-house-in-summer type of make.

Dotty Chelsea Blouse

After the butterfly top I made in the earlier part of the year, this blouse is my most worn make. I love it! I recently got to proudly show it off to my Grandma as well, which was special.

My only gripe is with the length – I should have lengthened the body as it’s only suitable for high-waisted skirts or trousers as it is.

Rushed Bike Sweatshirt

I was so desperate to sew after an enforced hiatus due to uni work that I scrapped together this sweatshirt rather than take on anything too long-winded. Strictly household only attire!


Emmbarassingly, that’s it for 6 months worth of dressmaking! :S I have not had the time to dedicate to my hobby as much as before so projects are much fewer and further between.

I’m currently working (slowly) on a grey blazer, which is looking promising. I’m stoked to have a jacket that fits my bust and my waist at the same time!!

I fancy making up the dress from this pattern pack as well.

Aside from sewing projects, I have been crocheting more. I’ve recently completed two rugs, a pouffe and several baskets using t-shirt yarn. I’ve also been plodding on with my purple blanket occasionally and toyed around with different stitch techniques in mini projects.


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