Mixing It Up

With the first two essays for my Master’s degree now handed in, I am back in the kitchen! Today I’ve made a trusty brownie but I’ve also tried a new recipe of Mary B’s: the Bakewell tart traybake.

I love (LOVE!!) Bakewell tarts but the shop-bought ones can be rather dry. Although this isn’t a ‘traditional’ Bakewell because, well, it’s a traybake rather than a tart, I thought it was worth a whirl.

The base is simply plain flour and butter made into a thin dough, then you spread raspberry jam on top (quite therapeutic) and then an almond-flavoured sponge cake sits on top (not therapeutic trying to evenly spread it out over the jam…). Lastly, a sprinkle of flaked almonds (except not in one corner otherwise Karl wouldn’t forgive me for forgetting his aversion to nuts).


By the way, can we just take a moment to marvel at the wonder of silicone spatulas?!

Moment taken.

They are rather fabulous and I don’t quite know how I managed without one in my (kitchen) life.

Anyway, the verdict: Nice, but a little dry. I would maybe use more jam in the future. Oh, and very sticky – definitely an ‘eat-with-a-fork’ cake. Simple to make overall and fairly quick, too.

For a bit of bling, I put golden stars on top of the brownie. Who says sparkly food is only for Christmas?!


Right, I’m off to sew now! Oooo, what a good day it has been! 😀


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