A Blogging Award Nomination

Thank you Crafty Sew and Sew in Dorset for nominating my blog for a recognition award (https://craftysewandsewindorset.wordpress.com/2017/01/29/i-won-a-bloggers-recognition-award/#comments)! I was rather amazed as I tend to forget people actually read my blog (other than my mum)!
According to the guidelines accompanying the nomination, is meant to tell to how I started blogging. To be honest, it began as a photography-only blog because I love taking photos, and showing them to people – anonymous people – meant they didn’t sit forever on a memory stick, never to be seen again. When I then started sewing and baking in January 2016 I knew I’d want to talk about a lot so, to prevent myself becoming friendless and disowned by my patient family, I thought I’d best write about it in a place where I’d be welcome! And welcomed I was! I can honestly say the sewing community is one of the friendliest, kindest one I’ve come across. Internet trolls don’t exist here.

Knowing I can blog about a project when I’ve completed it gives me more incentive to finish it as I am Queen of Unfinished Projects otherwise.

In terms of the two pieces of advice I’m supposed to give other bloggers… er… I guess I’d say be honest. We all value honesty and seeing some of the disaster-makes (and I’ve had plenty!) as well as the magic ones makes one more relatable and human! Don’t get hung up on your flaws – just acknowledge what needs to change for next time and move on.

Secondly, check the flow of what you’ve written before you post. Sounds obvious but some blogs are so poorly constructed that they are a chore to read, even if the subject matter is interesting.

I will need to create another post to let you all know who I nominate in turn as I’m on my phone whilst writing this and it makes pingbacks harder to do. So, watch this space…!


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