My Nominations for the Blogger Recognition Award 

Rather than nominate 15 blogs (I don’t think I even follow 15!) by name I thought it would be nice to name them AND mention why I like reading them. So here goes;

1. Amelia over at Thrift Make Sew is a lovely lady who shares honest stories about her makes and the highs and lows. Her style is more loose-fitting than my own so we make very different things but I always enjoy reading about her projects.

2. Ana at S is for Sewing makes the most gorgeous children’s clothes for her beautiful daughter. Cordery bloomers, paisley blouses, cute coats – all teamed with hair ribbons and knee high socks. If I had kids this is how I’d want to dress them!

3. Emily at Self Assembly Required! churns out new makes at such an impressive rate! Although the items she makes aren’t what I’d choose to wear, I love the level of detail she puts into her work and her willingness to play with her style.

4. Becca at Red W Sews is the queen of jersey and makes cute tops and dresses for herself and her little girls. She has a way of seeing fabric and knowing what patterns will work – something I haven’t mastered!


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